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DIY Fairy Doors

Sometimes when I’m out in the garden, I’ll see a tiny bit of movement out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn around to look, there’s nothing there. Maybe it was the wind, blowing a leaf. Perhaps a grasshopper, jumping through the grass. Or for all one knows it was a tiny fairy, darting amongst the flowers, off to play with her friends in the shadow of a big oak tree. For those who believe the legends, fairies can be found anywhere, if one only pays attention.

According to lore, if you suddenly smell a sweet scent, it’s a sign of fairies flying past. Rings of mushrooms in a circle, or “fairy circles,” are proof of a fairy gathering. Lost trinkets and shiny objects are undoubtedly now safely tucked away in a fairy home, being polished and admired. Fairies are lovely, happy little beings who bring joy to all the humans and animals they live with. To help attract fairies to your home, you and your children can build fairy doors.

To create simple fairy doors to add to your home, garden or yard, I recommend starting by coloring some craft sticks. I decided to color both a “natural” fairy door and a rainbow fairy door using regular markers.

Next up, you’ll want to glue the sticks together. Regular glue will eventually fall apart with rain, so if your door will be living outside, then I recommend an adult use a hot glue to glue your door together.

Now for my favorite part, decorating! First, gather all your mismatched buttons, broken bits of jewelry, stick-on gems, shiny rocks and any other small materials you think would charm a fairy.

Personally, I have a rule when it comes to designing crafts. Decorate your project at least three times, take a picture each time, and then re-make your favorite! As you can see, I started with all the shiniest buttons I could find, then I played with a simpler, more natural pattern, and finally settled on a lovely swirl. 

Once you have played and experimented, glue down your decorations. Now that your fairy door is complete, it’s time to go and discover where your fairies are living! Go on a walk around your home, and try to find the most magical places. Listen for birds, touch the soft green mosses, feel the warm sun on your skin and smell the flowers. When you find the most magical place, set your door where the fairies can find it. If you keep your fairy home tidy and neat, fairies will bless your home with magic for years to come.

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