Eye Troubles for Tiny Readers

Glasses are a just a regular part of life. In 2016, the CDC estimated that between 30 to 40 percent of children age 6 to 17 wears glasses or contact lenses. Unfortunately, your child’s first time getting glasses (or contacts) is not always an easy transition.

Need help introducing tiny readers to the idea of glasses or other vision problems? Try out some of these fun reads!

Brewster the Rooster

Brewster the Rooster

Written by Devin Scillian, illlustrated by Lee White

Brewster the Rooster is good at his job. Every morning, Brewster crows at the sun to wake the farm. People four farms away can hear him do his job he’s so good at it! However, when Brewster starts crowing throughout the day, at random times of the day, he begins to startle members of his family and the community. What’s gotten into him? Is he sick? Or is this young rooster in need of some spectacles to know what time of day it is?

Douglas, You Need Glasses!

Douglas, You Need Glasses!”

Written by Ged Adamson

Douglas the dog has been nearsighted for a while. He doesn’t mind being nearsighted, but sometimes he doesn’t know where he is, where his owner is, or he ends up in the wrong place. Douglas is just a happy dog who loves spending time with his person, Nancy. After an incident with Douglas bringing back a beehive instead of a ball, however, Nancy calls it quits. It’s time for Douglas to visit the eye doctor and see the world in a brand new way.

I Can See Just Fine

I Can See Just Fine

Written by Eric Barclay

Paige is having some trouble seeing. Everyone else is noticing as she struggles in class and with music, but Paige is not ready to believe it. Her parents decide it is time to make a trip to the eye doctor. Once there, Paige still doesn’t want to believe that she needs glasses. Paige resists the idea of glasses until her new frames are on her face and suddenly the whole world makes sense again!

For more fun titles about glasses or other eye troubles, feel free to check out this book list, “Eye Troubles for Tiny Readers.”

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