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Graphic Novels for Kids

graphic novels

Let’s face it, sometimes graphic novels can get a bad rap. It’s a common misconception that graphic novels have no educational merit or are simply a waste of time. However, graphic novels actually promote many literacy skills that other books simply cannot.

Here’s a short list of the benefits of reading graphic novels:

  • Graphic novels help kids differentiate emotions using facial expressions and body language.
  • Have a reluctant reader? Graphic novels can pique the interest of kids who can’t find the fun in traditional books.
  • For kids who skim pages and read too quickly, pictures can slow them down so they soak up more details.
  • For visual learners, graphic novels can have more of an impact. They can learn to connect story points and infer things just from visuals.

I’ve thrown together a short list of personal favorites. Any of these award-winning series would be an excellent place to start, so follow the links below to our catalog to get a quick synopsis and to put them on hold.