Handprint Calendar 2021 | Daniel Boone Regional Library

Handprint Calendar 2021

In just a few short weeks 2020 will officially be over, and 2021 will begin! Celebrate the new year by printing off a handy-dandy handprint calendar to decorate with the little ones in your life. These calendars make great gifts for family or special keepsakes to record milestones and accomplishments in 2021. While below I will share examples of what types of handprints you might use for each month, feel free to be creative and make your own themes. Look at the materials available in your house and let your imagination take flight! Paint and non-toxic stamp pads are easiest for handprints, but crayons, markers and stickers are also great art materials (and they’re much less messy).

I highly recommend working on these calendars over the course of a few different sessions—especially if you have tiny tots. As we all know, the line between “fun arts and crafts” and “tantrum-inducing-time-sensitive-project” is very fine, especially as we draw closer to the holidays. Also, if your kiddos get bored of making handprints, mix it up with footprints instead! I have a whole pinterest board of fun hand/footprint ideas if you want to try something new. Regardless of what you and your children choose to do, you’re guaranteed to come up with a totally unique work of art to treasure forever.


January- Mittens


February- Heart


March- Clover


April- Umbrella



May- Tulips



June- Butterfly


July- Fish



August- Sun


September- Apple Tree


October- Pumpkin Patch

November- Turkey


December- Cardinal