Hoopla Halloween: Spooky Books for Kids

Hoopla Halloween

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And the best part — there is a Hoopla Kids option you can click for safe and easy searching for children’s titles.

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Below are some spooky Halloween eBooks and audiobooks sure to delight young readers.


It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green!

It’s Halloween, I’m Turning Green” By Dan Gutman

It’s Halloween, and you know what that means! Candy! Costumes! More candy! What would happen if a kid ate a million hundred pounds of chocolate in one night? One thing’s for sure — when A.J. and his friends from Ella Mentry School go trick-or-treating, it will be a Halloween to remember.

Let's Bake Halloween Treats!

Let’s Bake Halloween Treats!” by Ruth Owen

Ghosts, witches, pumpkins and candy are great baking inspiration. This book is chock-full of themed Halloween recipes for young bakers to tackle during the spookiest time of the year.

5 Very Little Pumpkins

5 Very Little Pumpkins” by Holly Weane

Join five adorable little pumpkins on their romp through their neighborhood in this silly rhyming story that celebrates all that is fun about Halloween: great friends, costumes, neighbors — and candy!

Happy Meow-loween Little Pumpkin

Happy Meow-Loween Little Pumpkin” by Rose Rossner

Celebrate the spooky season with someone you love with a sweet and punderful Halloween board book! Filled with charming seasonal puns, adorable illustrations featuring jack-o’-lanterns, cute ghosts, witches and more, plus a heartwarming message families will want to read again and again.


Click, Clack, Boo!

Click, Clack, Boo!” by Doreen Cronin

Farmer Brown does not like Halloween. So he draws the shades, puts on his footy pajamas, and climbs into bed. But do you think the barnyard animals have any respect for a man in footy pajamas? No, they do not. For them, the Halloween party has just begun. And we all know these critters far prefer tricks over treats. There are big surprises in store for Farmer Brown!

Pink or Treat!

Pinkalicious: Pink or Treat” by Victoria Kann

When a big storm shuts down all the power in Pinkville, Pinkalicious must turn into Pinkagirl to save Halloween!

Flat Stanley and the Haunted House

Flat Stanley and the Haunted House” by Jeff Brown

The Lambchops can’t wait to be spooked at a Halloween party! Arthur is excited for the haunted house, and Stanley wants to show off his limbo moves. But when they see a bully picking on their friend at the party, the boys know that they have to help. Soon, Stanley comes up with a plan that is flat-out hilarious!

Happy Halloween, Mittens

Happy Halloween, Mittens” by Chip Schaefer

Nick is getting ready for Halloween, and Mittens wants to help. But the only thing he seems to be good at is making a mess — until Mittens finds his own way to contribute to the special night’s spooky-good fun.