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Megan Doodles: Kawaii

Kawaii is one of my favorite types of art. What is kawaii, you ask? It’s the culture of cute in Japan! (Warning: the word “cute” will appear approximately a bajillion times in the blog.) When I think of kawaii, I think of cute things with cute wittle (cute way of saying little) faces. You can make anything kawaii—animals, vegetables, minerals, you name it! I especially like making food with cute faces. Below, I’ll show you how to make kawaii pizza, ice cream and a cupcake.


  • Paper
  • Pen (I used a black Sharpie pen, but you could use a regular ink pen.)
  • Colored pencils (This is what I used, but you can use you crayons or markers as well.)

Here are the step by step instructions for the pizza:

Start with a triangle, making the top line wavy.

Add a closed rounded line for the crust.

Add your topping. I made circles for pepperonis.

Add a cute little face.

Now color in with your favorite colors!

Here are the step by step instructions for the ice cream:

Make a half circle.

Add a little scalloped edge to complete your scoop.

Add a triangle to the bottom of the scoop for your cone. You can add crossed lines to make it a waffle cone.

Add a cute little face.

Now color in with your favorite colors!

Here is my timelapse video on how to make the cupcake. It’s very similar to the ice cream cone except you make a square bottom (instead of a triangle) for the wrapper.

Happy doodling!

2 thoughts on “Megan Doodles: Kawaii”

  1. Hello, Megan!

    I love your kawaii doodles! Can you come up with some animals for us? I am an adult who grew up with Ed Emberley’s drawing books, which are delightful fun for kids and anyone else who likes to have fun with simply paper and a pencil. The library has several of his books. I highly recommend them!

    1. Hi Lynn! Thanks for your comment! I also grew up with Ed Emberley’s books and even own a couple:) If you like his books you might also try our “Kawaii Doodle” books, which are where I got my inspiration. I’m really glad you enjoyed my blog and I’ll for sure do some animal doodles in the future!

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