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Outdoor Learning for Kids

During these trying times, parents and educators are looking to the space nature provides as a resource for learning. There are many positive benefits to outdoor learning spaces, and getting a breath of fresh air can do wonders for mental clarity for both you and your kids.

Below, I have put together a list of great books the library has to offer on outdoor learning. Enjoy!

Lens on Outdoor Learning” by Wendy Banning

This book is filled with stories and colorful photographs that illustrate how the outdoors supports children’s early learning. Each story is connected to an early learning standard such as:

  • curiosity and initiative
  • engagement and persistence
  • imagination, invention and creativity
  • reasoning and problem-solving
  • and much more!

Learning Is in Bloom: Cultivating Outdoor Explorations” by Ruth A. Wilson"Learning Is in Bloom" by Ruth A. Wilson

The movement to connect young children with nature continues to grow, as more parents and educators become passionate about bringing learning outdoors and letting children explore outside the bounds of traditional lessons. This book provides 40 hands-on activities effective in engaging young children in investigating nature, both indoors and outdoors, on the school grounds, and on excursions around the neighborhood.

"The Big Book of Nature Activities" by Jacob RodenburgThe Big Book of Nature Activities” by Jacob Rodenburg

The average child can identify over 1000 corporate logos but only 10 native plants or animals. This book is a comprehensive guide for parents and educators to help youth of all ages develop a deeper appreciation of the natural world. It is packed with seasonal games, crafts, skills, stories and observations to make outdoor learning fun!

Growing with Nature: Supporting Whole-child Learning in Outdoor Classrooms” Growing With Nature

Engaging stories and photographs illustrate ways to enhance children’s healthy development in all areas by engaging with the natural world. Ideas for supporting learning in multiple domains (language and literacy, science, social-emotional, mathematical, body competence, creative arts and visual-spatial skills) are presented for three age-groups: infants and toddlers, preschoolers and elementary students.

 Preschool Beyond WallsPreschool Beyond Walls” by Rachel Larimore

Children are spending less time being outside in nature, playing, imagining and learning about their surroundings. Instead, they are spending more time with tablets, televisions and overly structured routines. This book shows practical and strategic ways educators can create rich, explorative and interdisciplinary learning through extensive outdoor experiences.