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Summer Reading Traveling Companions

traveling companions

What is a traveling companion?

Traveling companions are paper friends that can travel with us. To celebrate Summer Reading this year, we have two adorable traveling companions: the traveling unicorn and the traveling dragon. Similar to the Flat Stanley (or Scooter the Cougar, if you’re part of the Columbia College family), kids can color their companion, cut it out, and then take cute photos together.

Travel might be limited this summer, but some families are taking this opportunity to go camping in a state park, visit the local beaches or explore some of their hometown parks. This coloring adventure can leap from your kitchen table out into the wilderness as you create and explore with your own traveling companion!

Traveling companions are available at your local library or online:

To participate:

  1. Choose your traveling companion.
  2. Color and decorate your traveling companion.
  3. Travel and take a picture with your traveling companion.
  4. Share on social media with the hashtag #dbrlkids.
  5. Turn in your Summer Reading tracker and collect your finishing prize!

We might be social distancing, but feel free to connect with us and other travelers on social media. Using the hashtag #dbrlkids on your social media posts will connect your cute traveling companion with other travelers, too. Let’s see how far our Summer Reading travel companions go!

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