Introducing Free Online Tutoring

Some educators are becoming concerned that students may experience a “COVID slide,” meaning they may fall behind academically due to school closures and altered teaching methods during the pandemic. You may be concerned, too.

One-on-one tutoring often boosts a student’s achievements and can be a useful tool now. For many families, accessing tutoring services is a challenge due to its cost and the time required to drive to the tutor. To overcome these obstacles, the Daniel Boone Regional Library is introducing a new free online learning resource called Brainfuse that makes tutoring available to all students.

All you need is a free library card.

Brainfuse tutoring is available each day from 2-11 p.m., and its other resources can be accessed 24/7. There are three Brainfuse modules, with two focused on learning assistance.

Access Brainfuse through the library’s website or get the app available for iOS or Android. If you need a library card, adults can apply for one online.

Whether your student is being homeschooled or attending in-person or virtual classes, live tutoring through the library’s subscription to Brainfuse can help them do better in many different subjects. Plus, it’s free and convenient for everyone.

HelpNow provides tutoring for elementary through college students.

  • Set up live tutoring sessions on a variety of subjects, writing and test prep.
  • Send a paper to the Writing Lab and get feedback in one business day.
  • Send questions anytime and get an answer in one business day.
  • Form online study groups.
  • Access free lessons and resources.
  • Create your own flashcards.

Adult Learning Center provides many of the same features as HelpNow, but for adult learners.

JobNow offers resume and interview help as well as career exploration tools.

The Daniel Boone Regional Library Foundation board believes so strongly in making Brainfuse available to our community, that they’ve made it the focus of their fall fundraising campaign.

If you’re interested in helping make Brainfuse available for free to thousands of students in Boone and Callaway Counties, you may make a donation online.

Or mail to:

Daniel Boone Regional Library
P.O. Box 1267
Columbia, MO 65205

Or contact Melia Douglass at or (573) 443-3161.