Books We Love: Young Oracle Tarot

Book cover art for Young Oracle Tarot

Are you curious about tarot and don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for a creative way to do some self-reflection? If that sounds like you, then check out “Young Oracle Tarot: An Initiation Into Tarot’s Mystic Wisdom” by Suki Ferguson. This beautifully illustrated book is laid out in an easy-to-understand format. It begins with an explanation of tarot and how to read the cards. Spoiler alert: Tarot cards won’t predict your future. They are for you to ruminate and reflect on your own feelings and decisions.

Ferguson also walks readers through the symbolism and imagery used in the traditional cards and has tips on picking your first deck. The rest of the book is divided into the different parts of a deck: Major Arcana, The Four Suits and Minor Arcana. Each card is pictured along with three keywords and a short description.

Image of The Fool and The Magician tarot card with moving card image.

The book concludes with different ways to interpret the cards and a few different spreads. Whether you are a tarot novice or a tarot pro, this book is a delight! I can’t emphasize this enough, these cards won’t tell your fortune, but they are a fun way to tap into your own intuition.

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