New Teen Resources @ DBRL

Daniel Boone Regional Library is excited to let you know about some new resources available to you as part of your access to our library services! 

Teen Health & Wellness

Teen Health and Wellness is a great resource for teens looking to learn more about their health and how to manage their mental health. With resources for health questions that teens might have, mental health resources to deal with a host of issues that teens might face, and a calm room that includes resources for calming and meditation (including live streams of puppies and kittens!), this is a great resource for any teen to consult when needed. I can personally vouch for the benefits of watching a livestream of puppies and kittens having a good time when things get tough, so do yourself a favor and check out this resource!

Digital Literacy

In our increasingly complex information environment, with misinformation becoming both easier and more widespread than ever. Serving that need, Digital Literacy is a host of articles and resources that seek to increase the digital literacy of teens today. From advice on what looking for employment online, to relationships on the internet, and many other online situations, this resource is a great place to check if you’re concerned about uniquely online situations. While most teens are pretty internet savvy, it’s always good to have a resource to consult for emerging situations that your teen might not have encountered before. 

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is an incredibly important knowledge base, especially for teens who might just be entering the job market. Yet, for something so important, it’s deceptively hard for the average teen to learn the financial literacy skills they would need to succeed. That’s where this resource comes in! This resource is a collection of articles, advice, and news pieces related to all things financial. From understanding the way the stock market works, and influences our lives, to tools for budgeting and personal finances, to advice for teens interested in entrepreneurship and careers in finance, this resource is a great way to gain skills related to money management for teens who don’t have them already. 

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