Snowy Novels for a Warm Winter

I don’t know about you folks, but I am getting a bit tired of the mild, warm days that we’ve had this December. For all the problems it can cause, I miss when December brought us more than a day or two of snow. It could be the nostalgia of a childhood snow day, the crisp feel of cold air, the muffled silence that accompanies a good snow shower, or the way sun shines off newly fallen snow, but whatever it is I cannot deny that there’s something magical about a December snow. In the absence of real snow (for now, fingers crossed!), we’ve put together a list of books that are set among the ice and snow, hopefully enough to put you into a winter mood. Some are holiday novels, some are simply stories set in scenes swaddled in snow, but all of these titles are sure to make it just a little bit easier to pretend that it isn’t 70 degrees outside. You can find the full list of titles here, and we hope that you can find a novel to put you into a snowman building, frosty window gazing, cocoa drinking frame of mind.

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