Service Area

Established in 1959, the Daniel Boone Regional Library (DBRL) system provides public library services to three districts.

  • Boone County Library District
    Outside the 1965 Columbia and Centralia city limits.
  • Callaway County Library District
    All of Callaway County.
  • Columbia Library District
    Within the 1965 Columbia city limits.

The district boundaries are defined by state statute. For Boone County residents, to determine which library district you live in, refer to your current property tax bill or our interactive Google map.

A contract binds our three member library districts into a regional library system under the authority of the Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo) 70.210, and the board operates under an adopted set of bylaws.


DBRL’s fiscal year runs January-December. The system is funded primarily through property tax income. State aid, interest income, grants, donations, copier/printer income, and other miscellaneous income make up the rest of the system’s operating revenue.

Annually, each district board sets its operating tax levy higher or lower as allowed by state law, but cannot exceed the maximum tax rate approved by the voters in each library district. DBRL receives and manages the property tax income for each library district through an approved regional library contract under the authority of the Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo) 70.210.

In addition to its operating tax, the Columbia Library District, and thus only those residents living within the 1965 city limits, pays an additional property tax for the repayment of General Obligation Bond debt issued for the construction of the Columbia Public Library on Broadway.

Service Points

  • Columbia Public Library
    (Also serves as DBRL headquarters)
  • Callaway County Public Library
  • Southern Boone County Public Library
  • Bookmobiles
  • Library-To-Go lockers
  • Digital Branch