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Book and activity ideas for all ages.

  • Reader Review: How to Sell a Haunted House

    After her parents’ deaths, Louise goes back to her home where she must sort out selling their house with her estranged brother, Mark. However, when they ask a real estate agent to come take a look at the house, she refuses to list it because she has a personal policy against selling haunted houses. In … Read more

  • Reader Review: The Supernatural Enhancements

    When A. unexpectedly inherits a ton of money and Axton House, a mysterious mansion in Virginia, from a dead relative he’s never met, it quickly becomes apparent that the house comes with its share of secrets and supernatural occurrences. The house is definitely haunted, but that pales in comparison to the mystery surrounding the secret … Read more

  • Book Review: Other Ever Afters

    “These stories are told for a reason.”   What are the stories? “Other Ever Afters: New Queer Fairy Tales” by Melanie Gillman is a collection of queer fairy tales that is meant to bring increased representation in the genre. And it does! … Read more

  • Reader Review: Symphony of Secrets

    Earlier this year, I read Brendan Slocumb’s first novel, “The Violin Conspiracy,” and was blown away by its authenticity and power. Slocumb himself is a POC and classical musician, and the book was very much inspired by his own experiences and coming-of-age. He excels at writing about music in a way that makes it come … Read more

  • Paper Snails

    Here is a super cute craft you can do with kiddos of all ages. Who doesn’t love a sweet scrap paper snail?  … Read more

  • National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

    During  National Recovery Month  we celebrate the achievements of people who are overcoming issues with substances and mental health. Recovery Month helps spread the word about better ways to treat and recover based on evidence. It encourages the growth of a strong and proud community of people who are in recovery. We also give credit … Read more

  • Reader Review: Home Fires

    The book “Home Fires,” the inspiration for the BBC television series of the same title, explores the activities of Britain’s National Federation of Women’s Institutes during World War II. It begins by touching on the founding and purpose of the Institutes before going on to describe how members worked with evacuees, grew and preserved incredible … Read more

  • If You’re Playing Starfield

    Within the past week, multiple people have asked me if I’m going to play Starfield. This isn’t surprising considering it’s one of the most highly anticipated video games of 2023. If you have any contact with gamers, you’ve likely heard at least one mention of the new action role-playing game that came out on September … Read more

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