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Book and activity ideas for all ages.

  • Reader Review: Promises and Primroses

    In the book “Promises and Primroses,” widower Peter Mayfield is in need of a new governess for his two young girls as his previous one is getting married and leaving his employ. He is devoted to the memory of his first wife, bringing up his girls as best he can, and his hobby of canine … Read more

  • Reader Review: The Mostly True Story of Tanner & Louise

    “The Mostly True Story of Tanner & Louise” is a lovely little story of two women, both at perhaps their lowest moments, slowly building a bond that helps reinvigorate their lives. They are certainly an odd couple, except that they start to recognize some (unfortunately universal) truths in the experiences that they, as women, share. … Read more

  • dear body of water: a poetic water-harvesting project 🌊

    Did you know the Missouri River — also belovedly known as the Big Muddy, the Mighty Mo, and Mnišoše (“turbid water”) by the Dakota and Lakota — is the longest river on the North American continent?! This wide river of silt and sediment churns its way for over 2000 miles from western Montana down across … Read more

  • Older Adults and Financial Exploitation

    Most of us work and save for decades in the hope that when we retire, our needs will be met. Numerous resources offer financial advice to help us plan for our golden years. For many, all that work and planning and fiscal discipline pays off, with an adequate cushion providing a reasonably comfortable life right … Read more

  • Two Ingredient Ice Cream

    With July being considered the hottest month of the year and especially with the way the season has been so far, finding ways to beat the heat is necessary to get through the dog days of summer. A trip to a local ice cream shop is a fun family activity out in the community that … Read more

  • Literary Links: Science Fiction and Science Fact

    Science fiction has captured reader’s imaginations for as long as we have wondered about the future. From H.G. Wells’ and Jules Verne’s early escapades to the far future via time machine and to the moon by way of a cannon, came a fascination as to what we could do and where we could go with … Read more

  • Reader Review: The Wager

    The book “The Wager” is author David Gran’s retelling of the true story behind a naval ship called The Wager. The ship’s crew and their unbelievable tale of survival (for some) made for an engrossing read. The far-reaching implications of the imperialistic attitudes of Europe shadow the contradicting stories the survivors put forth when sharing … Read more

  • New DVD List: July 2024

    Here is a new DVD list highlighting various titles recently added to the library’s collection. “Monkey Man” – Website / Reviews  In this action film, a young man in a gorilla mask endures beatings in an underground club for meager pay. After years of suppressed rage, he tries to settle the score with those who … Read more

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