Library Card Application

If you are 18 years old or older and live in the DBRL service area, you can use this form to apply for your free library card. If you are 17 or younger, your parent or guardian can apply for a card on your behalf.

Library cards can also be requested by mail or in person at any library or bookmobile stop. Missouri residents living outside the DBRL service area may apply for a card in person.

After we receive your online application, it will take 1-2 days to process it. We’ll mail your card along with information about library services. Upon receipt of the card, you will have access to many of our resources. Please bring in your photo ID within 90 days for full access. If you would like immediate library access, please visit one of our libraries instead.

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One parent or guardian is required to apply on behalf of a child under 18. You may also add another parent or guardian below if you wish.

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I acknowledge, understand and agree that I am responsible for all computer usage associated with and items checked out to my library account, and that I may be charged the replacement cost for any items not returned or returned damaged. I also acknowledge and understand that if my account becomes overdue to the point that I am billed for unreturned items, my account may be referred to a third party for collection, and I further understand that I may be charged an additional collection fee if this occurs.I further understand that if my account is so referred for collection, then confidential information concerning my account or library materials borrowed or used by me, which would otherwise be confidential to me and protected from disclosure without benefit of a court order, as provided for by section 182.817 of the Missouri statutes can be released to the third party or to the court in connection with the collection process, and I waive any right I have under such section of the Missouri statutes or otherwise to object to or complain of such disclosure.


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