Community Yearbook Archive

The Daniel Boone Regional Library has digitized almost 100 years of yearbooks from community schools. The books have been scanned and uploaded in full resolution to Google Photos. Browse the pages and even download an entire yearbook to your computer. (Note: In order to preserve legibility, the resulting file sizes can be quite large.)

While these scans were produced from the most complete copies available, a few books have missing or damaged pages, or have been scanned from photocopies. If you have a copy that is more complete or from a missing year, contact

Ashland Schools

Battle High School

Columbia Independent School

Douglass High School

Fulton High School

Hallsville Schools

Harrisburg Schools

Hickman High School

Mokane High School

New Bloomfield Schools

North Callaway Schools

Rock Bridge High School

South Callaway Schools

Southern Boone R-1 Schools

Sturgeon Schools