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Audiobooks Our downloadable audiobook service from OverDrive offers thousands of popular titles for adults, teens and children that you can download at home, to your laptop or to a mobile device.

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  • This service is only available to patrons in our designated service area. Please contact support if you have questions about availability.
  • Check out up to 7 titles at a time (for 7, 14 or 21 days). MP3 titles can be returned early.
  • Titles cannot be renewed, but you can check them out again after they expire if they are still available.
  • Place a hold on up to 5 titles that are on loan to someone else.
  • See the Quick Start Guide for complete instructions.
  • For answers to questions and problems visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


  • Audiobooks are available in one of two formats.
    • WMA titles: can be played on Windows computers, most MP3 players and Windows-formatted Apple devices.
    • MP3 titles: can be played on Windows and Mac computers and on all MP3 players, including Apple devices.
  • You can download an entire book or you can select parts to download.
  • Let others know if you liked the book by assigning a 1-5 star rating to books you've checked out. (You can see a list of titles you've rated by accessing your OverDrive account.)
  • You will not be able to check out and download audiobooks if your library card has expired or is blocked.
  • The Windows Media Player Security Upgrade feature in OverDrive Media Console does not work with Windows Vista 64-bit. However, you can upgrade the security component directly from (Requires Internet Explorer.)

Download Station at the Library

You can now download an audiobook to your compatible audio player at the library. An easy-to-use wizard will step you through the process and the library's high-speed connection makes for fast downloading. The service is compatible with most MP3 devices, except Mac-formatted iPods.

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