Meet the Board: Brian Warren

Brian WarrenBrian currently owns Well Read Books in downtown Fulton, in the Brick District. He’s also the Director of Annual Giving at Westminster College. Before that, he was a senior manager in the technology business.

What do you like about living in Mid-Missouri?

I love so many things, like the people, the seasons, the landscape and the lack of traffic!

What three words do you think best describe the library?

Welcoming. Inclusive. Fun.

When friends or family find out that you are on the library board, what do they say or ask?

How did that happen?

What has surprised you most about serving on the board?

I was pleasantly surprised at how well DBRL is managed and how much passion staff have for their library and its patrons.

What do you wish other people knew about the library?

That in addition to being a great resource for the reading public, the library is a great resource for so many other services. It’s a community treasure.

If you could have dinner with a famous author, who would it be?

Donna Tartt — I admire her writing so much. (Read a sample of her writing by checking out one of her books — “The Goldfinch,” “The Secret History” or “The Little Friend” — from the library.)

In the spirit of the library’s mission to promote lifelong learning, what would you personally like to learn more about?