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Firefly Craft

What can you make with construction paper, crayons, Band-Aids, googly eyes and puffy paint? Adorable fireflies! I know it sounds a little odd, but stick with me here folks; these crafts are super-cute and are great for summertime while waiting for the sun to set and the fireflies to emerge.

This project is a little more material-heavy than the other crafts I usually share with you, but the end result is worth it. Plus, children will not only experience working with different medias but will also learn how to recycle common household materials to make original artwork.

Firefly craftSupplies

  • Black, blue or purple construction paper
  • Yellow and white crayons
  • Plain Band-Aids (not clear)
  • Colorful Band-Aids
  • Tiny googly eyes
  • Yellow puffy paint (or yellow paper circles or yellow pom poms)
  • Glue
  • Chalk (optional)


  1. Use the crayons to make stars and a moon on your construction paper. You can have several larger stars, many small ones or a mixture.
  2. Stick two to three of the plain Band-Aids on the paper, spreading them out across the page. These will be the body of the fireflies.
  3. Crisscross the colorful Band-Aids on top of the plain Band-Aids at a slight angle. (These will be the wings.)
  4. Attach or glue the googly eyes to the head of the fireflies. (For extra fun, make some fireflies upside down!)
  5. Use puffy paint (or yellow paper circles or yellow pom poms) to give the fireflies their lights.
  6. You can go back with your yellow crayon and add antenna to your fireflies’ heads. If you’re feeling really artsy, you can use a pen or fine point marker to add smiles below the eyes. Then add some chalk to your stars and moon. If you blur the chalk a bit with your fingers or a tissue, it will give your stars a shimmery/twinkly look.

When you’re done with your craft, read Eric Carle story “The Very Lonely Firefly” with your kiddos.