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Debut Author Spotlight: November 2018

As we approach the end of the year, publishing slows down and the number of titles by debut authors starts to shrink, but there are still quite a few exciting books coming out in November. Take a look at the ones below, and then head over to our catalog to see a (slightly) longer list of titles coming this month.


Empire of sand book coverEmpire of Sand” by Tasha Suri

In a land inspired by India lives a young woman descended from the desert spirits. Mehr inherited her power from her mother, one of the Amrithi, a people who are outcasts both desired and reviled for the magic of the desert spirits that runs through their blood. When Mehr draws the attention of the Emperor’s mystics, they coerce her into a marriage that binds her to the mystics’ leader and forces her into a conflict that could bring the wrath of the gods down upon them all.


My Sister, the Serial Killer” by Oyinkan BraithwaiteMy Sister, the Serial Killer

Ayoola has a very bad habit of killing her boyfriends, causing no end of trouble for her sister Korede, who by now has learned the best way to remove bloodstains and dispose of a body. But when her third boyfriend in a row turns up dead, Ayoola sets her sights on the doctor who just happens to be Korede’s crush. Now, Korede is forced to confront what her sister has become and decide if she can protect the man she loves and her sister at the same time.


The Adults book coverThe Adults” by Caroline Hulse

Matt and Claire have decided that there’s no reason they can’t be adult about their ended relationship and remain on friendly terms for the sake of their daughter Scarlett. In an effort to give her a normal life, they decide to have a family Christmas, but neither is quite sure whose idea it was to bring their new partners to the holiday park. Together they suffer through forced fun and family activities and soon the adults find themselves drinking a little too much after Scarlett’s bedtime and sharing secrets that are better left in the past.


Those Who Go By Night” by Andrew GaddesThose Who Go By Night book cover

Medieval England is a dark place, rife with fear and superstition. The year is 1324 and in the village of Bottesford a body is found draped over the altar of a church. The blasphemous nature of the crime draws the eye of the Pope’s Inquisitor General. In an attempt to avoid the Inquisition, a worldly Bishop sends Thomas Lester to investigate and he uncovers a tangle of dark secrets in the village. The fanatical friar Father Justus is sent to conduct his own investigation for the Inquisitor General into accusations of witchcraft and blasphemy. At odds with the friar, Lester continues to unravel the secrets to get at the truth, but not before another body is discovered.