Shot by Shot: Docs Featuring a Film Within a Film

Becoming Bulletproof film stillCreating films often leads to a flurry of activity and decision making that is itself interesting to capture on film. Check out these documentaries that capture films being made.

Becoming Bullet Proof CoverBecoming Bulletproof” (2016)

A diverse group of disabled people from across the U.S. take on leading roles in a Western filmed on vintage Hollywood locations. This film within a film immerses us in a dynamic, inclusive world of discipline and play, raising questions about why we so rarely see real disabled actors on the big screen.

The act of killing coverThe Act of Killing” (2014)

The filmmakers examine a country where Indonesian death squad leaders are celebrated as heroes, challenging them to reenact their real-life mass-killings via musical numbers, action and comedy sequences and other genres of the American movies they love.

Lost in La Mancha coverLost in La Mancha” (2002)

This documentary tracks maverick filmmaker Terry Gilliam’s madcap mission to film “The man who killed Don Quixote.” He struggles to complete his masterpiece, all the while beset by obstacles of such epic proportions that not even Hollywood could have concocted them.