Books We Love: Sew and Play

I love to sew; I do it for fun and for relaxation. And I like to make things for my two grandchildren, so I was excited to discover “Sew and Play” by Farah Wolfe. It contains instructions for sewing 11 games for children.

First I made fabric pancakes decorated with brown felt syrup and yellow felt butter for the “Pancake Game.” I added a store-bought play skillet, plates and a pancake turner.

Photograph of "Pancake Game" pieces
With this successfully accomplished, I tried a second project. Using fabrics left over from other projects, I made fish for “Gone Fishin’.” The fish have 1¼-inch metal washers inside, under each eye, allowing them to be caught by a fishing pole with magnet bait. Instructions are given for a quilted pond, but I’m currently using a disposal blue plastic tablecloth.

Photograph of "Gone Fishin'" pieces

Another game I want to make is “Treasure Island,” a game of islands, boats and buried treasure. (It’s on my to-do list along with a patchwork skirt for me and a baby quilt for a friend.)

All patterns are included in the book, as well as some ideas on packaging the games.  Instructions on how to play the games are on pages that can be photocopied and laminated. These pages include suggestions for toddler and preschool play, as well as game rules for older children. “Sew and Play” is best for people with intermediate or advanced sewing skills, since the text doesn’t mention clipping curves to reduce bulk. Each game would make a great gift for any child. I’m looking forward to sharing these with my grandkids!

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