Olympic Activities for Little Ones

Posted on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 by Tess

On Friday, July 23, the Olympic flame will arrive in Tokyo, and the most anticipated sports event of the year will begin! The opening ceremony will be full of dancing, singing, art and an explosion of culture. Then, the events will begin. Regardless of age, we all discover new heroes, cheer until our voices grow faint and feel the chill of inspiration watching athletes overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 

My favorite summer sport has always been gymnastics. The strength, grace and pure power it takes to defy gravity, spinning so fast you can barely track the rotations, and then sticking the landing—wow, it just blows my mind! While *I* am not a gymnast, my sister is a preschool gymnastics teacher in Tennessee, and she’s agreed to share some of her favorite exercises for you and your young athlete! 


Tummy time works the neck muscles and strengthens the core.
Incline lifts: a.k.a, airplanes!

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DIY Bird Feeder

Posted on Monday, July 19, 2021 by Erin

One of the Summer Reading challenges this year is making a bird feeder for your backyard and bird watching! Here is a simple craft that will help you on your way to finishing Summer Reading.

Cardboard bird feeder in nature Continue reading “DIY Bird Feeder”

Animal Silhouette Craft

Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2021 by Aimee

This summer, we decorated our libraries for Summer Reading with animal silhouettes using pretty scrapbook papers and old buttons. The process for making these is quite simple and the result is a fun graphic animal that looks great alone, on a bulletin board or as a whole crew galloping down the hall at the Columbia Public Library. I have included 7 animal patterns. Enjoy!

The Patterns:

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Virtual Activity Bundle: Barnyard Bands

Posted on Monday, July 12, 2021 by Jerilyn

VAB Barnyard Bands

Stories about farm animals fit right in with the Summer Reading theme of “Tales & Tails.” But the characters in these tales are not ordinary animals—they all want to be in a band. I discovered a wonderful variety of books, music and videos about talented farm animals making music. In case you aren’t familiar with some of the instruments being played, I added some nonfiction books and video clips about musical instruments too. Continue reading “Virtual Activity Bundle: Barnyard Bands”

Sew a Sloth (or Bunny!)

Posted on Monday, July 5, 2021 by Aimee

Would you like to sew an animal friend and take them on an adventure? If so, I have included patterns and directions on how to sew a bunny and a sloth. Choose one or sew them both!

1) Choose which animal you are going to make. Cut out the paper pattern for the basic body, including the arms (long ones for the sloth and short for the bunny) and the eyes. The next set of patterns are specific for either the bunny or the sloth. Cut out the ones for the animal you have chosen. Continue reading “Sew a Sloth (or Bunny!)”

Virtual Activity Bundle: Cats

Posted on Thursday, July 1, 2021 by Adam

Virtual Activity Bundle CatsJuly 10th is National Kitten Day, so, in honor of this cutest of holidays, and as a complement to our Virtual Activity Bundle on pets from a few weeks ago, I want to specifically focus on my favorite pets — cats! Cats were first domesticated around 7500 BC (which is actually thousands of years later than dogs) and in ancient Egypt they were regarded as sacred and depicted in art representing justice, fertility and power. In the 15th and 16th century, cats made their way to America on cargo ships, tagging along with Christopher Columbus and then later with the settlers at Jamestown and on the Mayflower. By the end of the 19th century they became popular here not only as expert mouse catchers but as household companions, and they continue to be the second most-owned pet in America after fish. So here are some books, songs, videos and a craft activity to help celebrate our wonderful feline friends. Continue reading “Virtual Activity Bundle: Cats”

2021 Callaway County Youth Poetry Contest Winners

Posted on Monday, June 28, 2021 by Amy

PoetryCongratulations to the winners of the 2021 Callaway County Youth Poetry Contest! In April of this year, the Callaway County Public Library and the Auxvasse Creative Arts Program invited students between the ages of 5 and 18 who reside or attend school in Callaway County to enter a poetry contest. This year’s theme was “We all need connection.” The pandemic made social distancing necessary in our world this past year, but we all need connection. Students were encouraged to write a poem about being connected with their community — about their class, family, a team, neighborhood or town. Many students chose to write about their connection to nature. Winning poems were selected by judge and author Daren Dean. Continue reading “2021 Callaway County Youth Poetry Contest Winners”

Saving the World, One Kitten at a Time

Posted on Thursday, June 24, 2021 by Tess

Do you love small, fluffy animals? 

Do you have an extra room in your heart (and house) for some teeny tiny creatures? 

How could you not love a face as cute as this!

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to celebrate, because kitten season is here! Kitten season is when all of the “feral,” or wild, cats have lots and lots of kittens. Kittens born in the wild only have a 50% chance of surviving to their first year, and then only half of those will make it to two years old. This is one of many reasons why I foster kittens for a local animal organization!  Continue reading “Saving the World, One Kitten at a Time”

Animal Pal Crafts

Posted on Monday, June 21, 2021 by Erin

Summer Reading is here, and we are celebrating all things with tails! Below are two fun crafts to create at home to celebrate summer.

Clothespin Animals

clothespin animals

You’ll need clothespins and these animals.

  1. Cut out the animals you would like to use. (You can use crayons or markers to color them, if you’d like!)
  2. Glue the animals on the clothespins so that the animal’s mouth is on the closed end of the clothespin.
  3. When the glue is dry, open and close the clothespin to make your animal talk!

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Virtual Activity Bundle: Pets

Posted on Monday, June 14, 2021 by Jerilyn

VAB Pets

One of my sons has a snake for a pet. (I’m not a fan of snakes!) Fortunately my son is all grown up, so he and his snake don’t live with me. My other son has raised ferrets and kittens. But personally, I’m a dog fan. My children grew up playing with and taking care of dogs, learning responsibility along the way. There are lots of animals that make good pets—you can explore some pet choices by checking out the resources and activities below. Continue reading “Virtual Activity Bundle: Pets”