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Books We Love: The Bad Seed

"The Bad Seed" book coverThe main character of “The Bad Seed” is a bad seed. Everyone says so, even the seed himself. He admits to all sorts of naughty things, like not putting things back where they belong, being late to everything, not washing his hands (or feet) and he even cuts in line!  Why is he so bad? Will he be bad forever?

Jory John (author of “Penguin Problems,” and “Goodnight Already!“) tells the story from the seed’s point of view. He describes the simple sunflower he lived in with his family (back when he was just a humble seed, living in an unremarkable field of sunflowers). Then some stuff happened — it’s all kind of a blur for our seed character — and now he is a bad seed.  Not just any kind of bad seed, but a baaaaaaaaaad seed.

You might be wondering why I would recommend a book about a naughty seed. No need for concern! Readers follow the seed as he makes a big decision — a decision not to be a bad seed anymore.  He decides to be happy, and his behavior towards others vastly improves.

Pick up a copy of “The Bad Seed” from your local library branch, bookmobile stop or lockers. Three out of three staff members who read this found themselves laughing over the wonderful illustrations and the tale of a sunflower seed who maybe isn’t all that baaaaaaaad.