Food, Glorious Food!!!

Photo of child holding container of raspberries Well, I did it! I started eating healthy–no more junk food for me. Changing my diet has been the hardest thing I have done in a long time. (I love my carbs!) As difficult as it is, I know it’s even more difficult to encourage your entire family to eat healthy. Especially if your kids are picky eaters.

Now that spring has arrived and fresh foods are becoming more available at the grocery stores and farmers markets, I thought I would sneak you some ideas for healthy snacks that are silly, simple and fun. I hope these quirky cuisines inspire your little ones to try some new healthy foods.

Caterpillar Kabobs

These cute little guys only require three ingredients: grapes, skewers and cute candy eyes (you can use frosting eyes if you choose).

Crabby Apples

This adorable little snack is so simple that you just need an apple and a butter knife. (Cinnamon sand is optional.)

Fruit and Veggie Snails 

Mix some fruits (apples) and veggies (celery and carrots) together in this snack to create a scrumptious snail. (I love the little carrot antenna!)

For more healthy snack ideas you can check out; they have a list of 20+ healthy and fun snacks. For even more suggestions, check out “Food Glorious Food,” my list of some children’s cookbooks we carry  at DBRL.