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Mother’s Day Crêpes

Happy almost Mother’s Day! If you’re like me and you don’t have a plan for Mother’s Day yet, listen up. While handmade cards are great, sometimes we run out of fridge space to display art. If you and your kiddos want to create something that you won’t have to feel guilty about recycling later (and something that won’t break the bank) why not make a tasty treat? Maybe you’re not chefs, but that’s okay! Crêpes are among my favorite foods to spruce up a meal.

crêpes on a plate with baking supplies Even though they have a fancy French name, crêpes are super simple and incredibly delicious. Plus you can fill and top them with whatever your family (especially mom!) will love. If you have a sweet tooth, try whipped cream, fresh fruit or chocolate sauce. If you like savory flavors, maybe mushrooms and bacon will tickle your fancy. However you choose to fill your crêpe, remember to get your whole family in on the fun. Older kids can help flip and fold the crêpes, and younger kids can help with the decorating.

crêpes on a plate with oranges

There’s a plethora of crêpe recipes out there, but here’s a few I found that looked straightforward.

Basic crêpes
This is Alton Brown’s recipe from Food Network, and it’s simple and easy to follow! When he says use “one ounce of batter,” keep in mind that’s about 2 tablespoons.

Crêpes with ricotta filling
This is another recipe from Food Network, but this time it gives you a filling option. With the first recipe you can choose your own, but this will show you how to make a simple, creamy lemon filling.

Crêpe-making tips
This blog post has a recipe as well as some excellent advice to make your Mother’s Day meal go smoothly.

If your child is inspired by being in the kitchen with you, make sure to check out some of our cookbooks for kids! These two are great options if you’re sticking with a brunch or baking theme.