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The Tallest of American Tales

Believe it or not, June 28th is National Paul Bunyan Day. (Yes, there really is a day for everything!) If you’re unaware, Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe are legendary folktale heroes, first mentioned in print in 1904. Throughout the following century, the tales grew taller. Some of my favorite accounts of Mr. Bunyan include him requiring five gigantic storks to carry him to his parents, the creation of the Grand Canyon and Babe digging out the many lakes of Michigan.

Reading Paul Bunyan stories with your children is a a great way to spark their imaginations. The tales are wholesome and full of pure Americana. Here’s a few books we have in our catalog. As you read them, make sure to keep track of your time with your Summer Reading trackers!

Below are three of my favorite Paul Bunyan books for kids. 

  • Paul Bunyan’s Sweetheart” by Marybeth Lorbiecki
    Paul restores Michigan’s natural landscape in hopes of winning Lucette Diana Kensack’s heart.
  • Paul Bunyan, A Tall Tale” by Steven Kellogg
    This nonfiction book offers various takes on famous Paul Bunyan folklore.