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Autumn Recipes Round-up

PompegranatesWe all have seasonal dishes that we relish and return to year after year as our favorite ingredients become available. There is nothing wrong with loving our preferences and repeating our efforts in the kitchen, especially since established traditions, particularly around food, bring us enjoyment and comfort, and lend some stability to our ever fluctuating lives. Yet, trying new recipes, or variations on tried and true renditions, can liven up our creative cooking sensibilitiesand invigorate our palates. I’ve whipped up this list of cookbooks, arranged by seasons of the year, for your perusal. Many of them contain exquisite photographs of the seasons’ best bounty to further engage your interest in preparing what lies within, whether for daily fare or for holiday gatherings. Take a look at their “autumn or fall” chapters to see what new recipes might interest you. I hope you discover some new favorites that you can add to your fall cooking repertoire. Bon appetit!

Harvest: 180 Recipes Through the Seasons

Harvest book cover






Farm-to-Table Desserts

Farm to Table Desserts book cover






Dishing Up the Dirt: Simple Recipes for Cooking Through the Seasons

Dishing Up the Dirt book cover






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Image credit: Ella Olson, Pomegranates at Farmers Market via Fresh n’ Lean Blog (license)