Crochet: Knitting’s Less Popular Sister

Posted on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 by The Biblio-Buckeroo

It’s a new year and it’s cold outside! It’s a good time to pick up a crochet hook and some wooly yarn and get cozy. Whether crochet is new to you or you have a stash of yarn that you have neglected, there are a lot of fun projects, with different levels of difficulty, to dive into. Is crochet as popular as knitting? It is not. Judging by the ratio of knitting books to crochet books in the library’s collection, crochet is mayyybe half as popular. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its charms. For example, you don’t have to count stitches, you use one hook instead of two needles and who doesn’t love a groovy 1970s granny square afghan? Continue reading “Crochet: Knitting’s Less Popular Sister”

New Horse Books

Posted on Friday, January 14, 2022 by MaggieM

close-up picture of a mule's nose
Take some time this winter to get a new perspective on your equine. Pictured is the author’s mule, Mikey.

We recently added several horse-related books to our collection! Check them out to give you a fresh perspective on your equine friends and partners.

Winter is a great time to slow down and try something new with the equines in your life. As my horse (and mule) and I get older, I’ve found a lot of satisfaction, joy and success in learning more about the mind of the horse and the mechanics of their bodies.

Even if you’re not a horse owner or active equestrian, if you love and are fascinated by horses, you may find might find some of the training books interesting. Continue reading “New Horse Books”

Indoor Plants

Posted on Friday, December 31, 2021 by Reading Addict

reddish pink flower blooming“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” — Lady Bird Johnson

We recently packed up our daughter (and her 30+ plants!) to move to the far edge of the country for college. It has been an emotional time for all of us and we have definitely felt a hole in our home. Both my husband and I have found a strange connection with her through houseplants. We have found ourselves enabling her in her quest for more and more plants while simultaneously trying to fill the space she left with more plants. It’s our way of trying to stay connected without hovering. Continue reading “Indoor Plants”


Posted on Monday, December 27, 2021 by MaggieM

The most common resolutions in our country are exercise more, lose weight, get organized and get finances under control. If these are the goals that call to you, then come to the library. We have tons of books about each of these.

I like the idea of resolutions that make my life feel fuller or richer. Check out this list of books to inspire resolutions. Whatever your plans for 2022, we probably have resources that can help you. Here are a few ideas:

book cover loving sportsbook cover: the 80/80 marriagebook cover" badass habitsbook cover: the home edit

Continue reading “Resolutions”

TBT When the Web Was a Place

Posted on Friday, December 24, 2021 by Nathan Ferguson

White text on blue DOS computer screen with ascii art of a whole apple and welcome message for "COIN" the Columbia Online Information Network

“When was the internet a good time for you?” I posed this very unscientific question to a few coworkers around the library. A Gen Xer, who only really got online around 2009 (but clarified they’re “not a Luddite”) said around that time, when Googling became second nature and Facebook was still new and not yet a source of FOMO. A fellow millennial said the early 2000s, instant messaging on AOL with middle school friends and perusing MySpace. One baby boomer I spoke to said it was after  upgrading to broadband from dial-up, uploading photos to Flickr and trading music (CDs and LPs) with fellow fans online. Another boomer said, actually, now and during the pandemic, which gave her an excuse to reconnect with friends around their shared hobby/passion for art. Continue reading “TBT When the Web Was a Place”

Read The Recipe! Vol. 4

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2021 by Jason Delpire

butterbut squash dish

The New Year is nearly upon us and with the changing of the calendar comes motivation to set goals and improve oneself. With this in mind, I have finally agreed with my partner that a move toward eating less meat is in order. So, my focus was on vegetarian cookbooks.

This month, I looked at two books in particular. “Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter” (there is a companion volume “Greenfeast: Spring, Summer“) by Nigel Slater (you may recognize the name, he has written some amazing cookbooks and is a long-time food writer; there was even a movie made from his memoirs) and “Everyday Vegetarian,” by Jane Hughes. Though I did not yet make anything from the Everyday Vegetarian book, I did read through it and noted dishes I will make in the future. I quickly became enamored with “Greenfeast.” Continue reading “Read The Recipe! Vol. 4”

DIY Gifts

Posted on Friday, December 3, 2021 by DBRL_Katie


We’re big proponents of DIY at DBRL, and the holiday gift-giving season offers the perfect outlet. Homemade presents are unique, more personal, skip packaging waste and save money. They resist that potent December consumerism which hounds us to want and shop for more and more stuff. Presents, however, needn’t be flashy, made in a factory or wrapped in plastic. They don’t even have to be tangible things. Holiday gifts can be humble, waste-free labors of love. These gifts are more likely to be used and cherished by the lucky recipients, and they grant the giver an opportunity to explore an interest, hone a skill or let their talents shine. Continue reading “DIY Gifts”

Read The Recipe! Vol. 3: Hanukkah

Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 by Jason Delpire

cranberry walnut tartThroughout November and December, there are many holidays observed. I wanted to focus on one holiday in particular: Hanukkah. This year, Hanukkah is observed at or after sundown November 28-December 6. Though I hold no allegiance to any religion, I am nevertheless interested in, and respect, the symbolism and reverence food holds in cultural and religious identities. “You can learn culture while eating” as it’s said in Joan Nathan’s Jewish Holiday Cookbook.” Being an Anthony Bourdain disciple, this spoke to me. If there is one thing we can all agree on, food is good and it should be shared. Continue reading “Read The Recipe! Vol. 3: Hanukkah”

Life Hacks…From the Library

Posted on Friday, November 19, 2021 by MaggieM

book coverThe library can make your life easier. That’s the whole point of libraries, really, to serve the needs of our communities. Here are a few life hacks — or, if you don’t know about life hacks, think of them as helpful resources to make your life easier — found at the library.

Are you thinking of making a big purchase — car, washing machine, electric toothbrush — and you want to spend your money wisely? Consumer Reports has reviews of more then 8,500 products. It is funded through subscriptions, not advertising, and is known for providing accurate and objective reviews and analysis. Because it’s funded through subscriptions, it can be expensive — but not for patrons of Daniel Boone Regional library! With a library card you can access it for free through our website without even leaving home. Continue reading “Life Hacks…From the Library”