Get Your Game On!

The Daniel Boone Regional Library has a wealth of resources available to the public. We have countless books, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs for patrons to check out and take home. We also have some wonderful Play as Learning and Little Red Reading Bags that offer puppets, toys, books, DVDs and CDs for children birth through age 5.

One of our lesser-known resources for children are our Learning Props Game Kits. These kits are small, portable bags that double as a game board. Each kit comes with 1 board/bag, 4 game playing pieces, 1 die and a book about the theme. Each bag has a different color and a different theme.

Here’s a full list of our Learning Props Game Kits, including the bag color and description.

  • Play Action (dark blue)- This game is all about movements. As you travel the board, you act out the suggested actions.
  • Count On Me! (light green)- This game focuses on numbers and counting.
  • Shape Land (grey)- This game teaches you shapes found in your world.
  • Patterns (dark green)- This game concerns everyday patterns.
  • Where Will You Find Me? (red)- This game talks about places and where to find everyday objects or animals.
  • What Color Is It? (brown)- This game is all about the color of everyday items.
  • Body Parts (blue)- This game helps your child to name the parts of the body.
  • Letters Aa to Zz (black) – This game helps your child learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet.
  • Dress Up (orange)- This game focuses on clothes we wear for different weather and how we wear them.
  • Which Way? (yellow)- This game covers the concept of location including behind, next to, under and over.
  • Critters (maroon)- This game helps your child learn about animals.

If you are interested in checking out one of these kits, you can find them at the Columbia branch by the children’s desk or at the Fulton and Ashland branches by placing a hold.