Before You Fire Up the GPS

Ocean dock scene, photo by user wise

It would be great to just get in the car or hop on a plane and go, but for most of us, travel takes some planning. Where to stay? Where to eat? What’s the best place to start your vacation planning? At the library! Read more »

Fix That Lawnmower Yourself With a Little Help From Your Library

lawn mower

The library's online resources, available 24x7 for free with your library card, are a DIYer's best friend. Find thousands of concise, step-by-step maintenance and repair instructions for lawn mowers, tractors and more with Small Engine Repair Reference Center. Read more »

Exterior Maintenance at Columbia Public Library

Sandstone and mortar

Between now and December, a work crew will be doing normal preventative maintenance to the exterior walls of the Columbia Public Library. We’ll be repairing and replacing the mortar and caulk on the sandstone, granite and glass exterior walls of the building. Read more »

A Shinier Cypher


The “Cypher” sculptures at the library entrances are getting a routine cleaning and touch up, graciously funded by the Daniel Boone Regional Library Foundation. An anonymous donor funded the sculptures for the Columbia Public Library 10 years ago. Read more »

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