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New eBooks

Choose from more than 700 popular fiction and nonfiction electronic books for all ages, compatible with your Nook, Sony Reader, iPad and other popular e-readers. Read more »

Interview With Callaway County Library District Board President Mary Fennel

Board Member Mary Fennel

Mary Fennel is the president of the Callaway County Library District Board. She is a retired Fulton Public Schools librarian and continues to work in education as a student financial services officer at William Woods University. Read more »

Imagination Library Benefit With Jim Cosgrove

Jim Cosgrove

Come to a party featuring Mr. Stinkyfeet himself to benefit the Imagination Library, Saturday, February 5, 10 a.m. at Paxton Keeley Elementary School, 201 Park DeVille Drive in Columbia. Read more »

Going Smoke-Free at the Columbia Public Library

Columbia Public Library

As of the first of January, the Columbia Public Library grounds, including the parking lots, is becoming a smoke-free zone. Read more »

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