Homeschooling Guide

Library Resources

  • Brainfuse HelpNow
    Provides live, online tutoring for elementary through college students in a variety of subjects, including writing and test prep.
  • DBRL Early Childhood Connections
    A Facebook group dedicated to highlighting local resources and programs that provide support and resources to parents.
  • DBRL’s Educational Resources Guide
    A catalog of learning tools from your library, including virtual programs, physical and digital collections, databases and free digital courses.
  • LearningExpress Library
    Provides test preparation materials for elementary through adult level, as well as math, reading comprehension and writing courses.
  • Universal Class
    Offers online continuing education courses taught by real instructors in subjects like language arts, math, science and history. (Must create a username and password to access.)
  • Homework Help Databases
    A list of our best subscription resources to help with schoolwork on subjects ranging from history and literature to science and math. Just use your DBRL library card to gain access.

State and Local Resources

Associations, Groups and Homeschooling Information
Curriculum Support and Classes
Things to Do
  • Enns Entomology Museum
    Located at the University of Missouri, this museum holds approximately 6 million specimens of insects, arachnids, and fossils.
  • Leisure Times
    Online edition of Parks and Recreation’s activity guide, listing recreational classes and activities available for all ages.
  • Museum of Art and Archaeology
    This museum frequently has special exhibitions, offers many options for tours, and has a number of education materials on its website.
  • National History Day in Missouri
    A yearlong educational competition that provides opportunity for young people grades 6 – 12 to explore history and present their findings in a range of formats.
  • TRYPS (Theater Reaching Young People and Schools)
    Community children’s theater company with a year-round production season.

National Resources

Associations, Groups and Homeschooling Information
Curriculum Support