Explore Crafts & Projects for Kids

Text saying Craft, Build, Experiment, Eat, Create with round illustrations evoking each idea and an illustration of a computer screen showing the Lerner Maker Lab websiteIf you’re looking for fun active learning projects for kids, the library’s new online resource, Lerner Maker Lab, will give you all kinds of ideas. You’ll discover easy crafts, kid-friendly recipes, engaging experiments, simple building plans and fun party projects. Here is just a sampling:

  • Build an Itsy-bitsy Button Race Car
  • Craft Cup-tastic Pets
  • Try bending water
  • Eat Muddy Earthworm Spaghetti
  • Share treats in Safety Owl Treat Bags

Get started on these intriguing activities for hours of educational fun! You’ll need your library card to log in.