Meet the Board: Shannon Alvis

Board Member Shannon AlvisShannon Alvis, Columbia and Boone County Library District Board Member

Shannon Alvis has lived in Boone County for 39 years. She moved with her family from Kansas City to Columbia when she was five years old and later attended Rock Bridge High School. She is a proud graduate of Columbia College and now works at Veterans United Home Loans. She and her husband Tim have been married for 21 years and enjoy their three children and two dogs.

What were your favorite books from childhood?

My favorite books as a child were “Pippi Longstocking,” “The People Could Fly,” “James and the Giant Peach” and “A Light in the Attic.”

What is one of your cherished personal library memories?

When I was a kid, my stepfather would challenge me to read 20+ books per summer. I used to love going to the library to pick out my books for the week.

What books would you recommend others read?

You should listen to “Big Tree” by Brian Selznick on hoopla. Let’s start with the fact that it’s read by Meryl Streep! It’s a beautiful book about the evolution of the planet and little seeds trying to survive in a big crazy world! I could relate to feeling like the little seeds, and the concepts about family, losing family, fear and courage. It’s a beautifully told story.

I recommend “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. (I’ve reread this book too many times to count.) Every time I read this book it makes me think about the following questions: What does it mean to have a dream? What happens when we don’t pursue our dream? How can we have the courage to move forward even when faced with adversity? Each time I learn something new that gives me a better understanding of myself and what it means to be human.

Meditations of Marcus Aurelius” is another great read. This is a journal of Marcus Aurelius’ philosophical learnings from his successes and failures as Roman emperor, man, father, spouse and human. This is a timeless book with human perspectives about growth, self-reflection and mindfulness.

I enjoy anything written by authors Michael J. Sullivan and Brent Weeks. Both write great fantasy books with great plots, though works by Brent Weeks are a little darker. Every one is a hit.

Why are libraries important to our community?

Libraries provide the community with perspective, wisdom and knowledge by offering free internet, books, magazines, workshops and meeting room space. The library is a place to learn, grow, and connect with people and ideas outside of our little community.

Name one library accomplishment that stands out to you.

The agreement to the union contract was the biggest accomplishment that I’ve experienced since joining the board. To ensure we are providing the best possible resources, books and creative ideas to the public, we have to ensure we are appropriately paying and providing benefits to the folks that keep the library awesome and who’ve earned it.

Why were you interested in serving on the library board of trustees?

I’ve always wanted to serve my community and make a positive impact.

Each library board member serves on his or her own district board as well as on the Daniel Boone Regional Library board, which is the governing body responsible for policy-making and fiscal oversight.