Enjoy These Irish YA Titles This St. Patrick’s Day!

Rural Irish Scene

Happy St. Patrick’s day! While our weather might only just be warming up, and the green on our clothes still outnumber the green on the trees, it is once again that day to hold your shamrock’s close and wish for a bit of luck. With the popularity of titles featuring the Faerie folk, who are a product of Ireland depending on which piece of mythology the author draws inspiration from, the influence of Irish myth on modern fantasy writing has arguably never been higher. That isn’t even taking into account the immense natural beauty and unique culture that Ireland boasts as a backdrop for a novel of any genre. Ireland is a fascinating country with a long and storied literary tradition of its own, so in honor of the holiday we’ve collected a list of YA titles that help celebrate Irish authors and stories set in Ireland. You can check out the list of books here, and we hope that you all have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day.  As the Irish proverb goes, may luck be your friend in all that you do, and may trouble be always a stranger to you!

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