About the DBRL Foundation

Created and governed by caring volunteers in our communities, the Daniel Boone Regional Library Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) organization that raises funds to exclusively support the mission and goals of the Daniel Boone Regional Library. Funds are used both for immediate and annual library needs, and funds are also invested with a goal of creating long-term support.

For more information or to donate, please contact Jim Smith, at (573) 817-7012 or jsmith@dbrl.org. You can also write to:

DBRL Foundation
P.O. Box 7113
Columbia, MO 65205

The mission of the DBRL Foundation is to seek, secure and manage the private funds needed to promote the Daniel Boone Regional Library’s mission of literacy and lifelong learning. The volunteers who guide the DBRL Foundation work faithfully to:

  • generate private sector financial support to complement public tax funding.
  • earn your trust by being good stewards of your donations.
  • partner with those in the community who value a love of literacy and lifelong learning.
  • raise public awareness of the importance of our libraries.
  • adhere to ethical fundraising standards.
  • conduct an annual independent fiscal review that is available upon request.
  • work with investment advisors to ensure funds are wisely managed.
DBRL Foundation Board of Directors

Helen Washburn, President
Jane Biers, Vice President
Jacqueline Kelly, Secretary
Nikki Krawitz, Treasurer
Nancie Hawke
Karen Hayes
Andrea Kimura
Sarah Lark
Anthony Stanton
Gwen Struchtemeyer

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If you are interested in serving the community by volunteering on the Foundation board, please contact Jim Smith at (573) 817-7012 or jsmith@dbrl.org.