Megan Doodles: Kawaii Pocket Yetis

3 Yeti doodles, with a pen and colored pencils

When I sat down to doodle for this blog, I really wanted to make cute little hedgehogs in the snow, but by the time I was done, I didn’t see the hedgehogs I had intended to draw. I looked down and I saw three little yetis staring back at me! I’m calling them my kawaii pocket yetis. Luckily, when it comes to doodles, there are no wrong answers — you can make it whatever you want! No matter what you decide to draw, just make it cozy and adorable this winter, and don’t forget to add the cute little smile.

Sleepy Yeti

Sleepy yeti in 5 steps

Cocoa Yeti

Cocoa Yeti in 6 steps

Skating Yeti

Skating yeti in 7

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