Getting Started With Code-a-pillar Twist

For ages 3-6
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Ready, Set, Code

Code-a-pillar twistWhen you check out the Code-a-pillar, it is ready to go. The batteries are already provided in the robot, so all you will need is your Code-a-pillar and sense of adventure to get started!

To wake up your Code-a-pillar, turn it over and push the black button to the right. Twist the dials on its back to program the Code-a-pillar, then press the play button to send it on its path. You can program the Code-a-pillar to move forward, left or right. You can also add lights and sound effects, resulting in over 1000 possible coding combinations.

What Your Child Will Learn

  • Planning and sequencing: After twisting the segments a few times, kids will discover that if they plan a path and twist the dials to create the right sequence, they can get the Code-a-pillar to follow their plan.
  • Problem solving and critical thinking: Programming a path strengthens problem solving as kids figure out how to code the robot to go wherever they want. By programming different combinations to send Code-a-pillar down various paths, preschoolers can try and try again, exercising those critical thinking skills.