Meet the Board – Debra Winter

Board member Debra WinterDebra Winter, Callaway County Library District Board Member

Debra Winter is the newest member of the DBRL Board of Trustees. She brings a love of reading, commitment to serving her community and professional financial expertise to the rest of the talent represented on the board. She formerly worked for the Callaway County auditor’s office and is now the purchasing director for Callaway County.


How many years have you lived in Callaway County? 

I have lived in Callaway County for five years. Before that, I went to William Woods University for four years.

What do you like about living in Mid-Missouri? 

Many of the people I have met since moving to Callaway County have been very friendly. I also love the small community and the many local stores in the Brick District of Fulton.

What three words do you think best describe the library? 

Educational, friendly, evolving

When friends or family find out that you are on the library board, what do they say or ask? 

Though I haven’t been a part of the library board for very long, I have been asked how my first meeting went. I am glad that I am able to tell people that everyone I met on the board has been very friendly and helpful.

What has surprised you most about serving on the board? 

I was surprised to learn how much the library has improved over the years and how much better the library is doing than many other libraries around the country. It is a great thing to learn!

What do you wish other people knew about the library? 

I wish people knew about all of the options the library has for everything. I don’t think a lot of people realize how accessible it is online.

How is the library different today than it was 10 years ago? 

Throughout the years, more and more things are ending up online. It makes things more accessible to people who can’t make it to the library.

If you could have dinner with a famous author or book character who would it be? 

This is a difficult one. I love to read, so there are a lot of people that I would want to meet. I think I would have to say Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. She was always one of my favorite characters because of how easily I related to her. We’re both nerdy and determined girls with bushy hair who love to read. I think we would have a lot to talk about.

In the spirit of the library’s mission to promote lifelong learning, is there anything that you would personally like to learn more about? 

I am always up for learning new things. One thing I really want to learn is ASL (American Sign Language). I took one class in college, but I really wish I had taken more.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

I am really happy to be a part of the library board, and I hope that I can stay involved for a long time to come.