Celebrate Juneteenth With Some Black Books!

Happy Juneteenth everyone! There’s a very high likelihood that this Juneteenth might be only the first or second time you’ve celebrated, but that’s no reason not to partake in the festivities. This holiday, only recognized widely within the last few years, was established to commemorate the emancipation of the enslaved Black Americans and as a day to celebrate the influence and contributions that Black Americans have made to the culture and history of the United States. The list of Black people who have had an impact on this country is far, far too long to list, but the influence of many of these figures is felt even to this very day. It is especially important in times like these, where racism and violence against the Black community, both individual and institutional, is once again on the rise, that we can take a day to celebrate both all that we have achieved and all the struggles that have been overcome on the way here. With that in mind we here at DBRL have put together a book list that contains a variety of titles related to the holiday, from stories around reconstruction and the end of slavery, to stories centering Black characters in a variety of settings, to the lingering effects of emancipation in the modern day, and even a few collections of recipes you could give a shot for the holiday. You can find our book list at the link here.  No matter what draws your eye, we at DBRL hope that you have a wonderful Juneteenth weekend!

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