Check Out Spooky October Programs @ DBRL!

It is the spookiest season of the year again! We at DBRL are big fans of the pumpkin primed, spirit soaked, ghoul guarded time of year, and we’ve got some events and programs lined up for all of our kindred spirits looking forward to this ghastly season. 

On October 18th the library is hosting an atmospheric walking tour of a Columbia cemetery, where you can learn the history of cemeteries, how funeral practices have changed and evolved over the years, and even some spooky stories and superstitions surrounding the cemetery. This event is subject to the weather, but assuming it’s not raining you can come to the library at 5:30 on October 18th for a spooky introduction to the graves of Columbia! If you can’t make it in person, feel free to watch the recording on our YouTube channel a few days after the program so you don’t miss out on all the graveyard fun. Find more information on the page for the event here.

On the following Monday, October 25th, we have a production for you drenched in horror fit for the season. In an ongoing series of productions, DBRL has partnered with local performance artists to bring you an evening of audio entertainment, this time focused on tales of a haunting or Gothic tone. Performing a number of  classic horror tales, including a number of works from Edgar Allen Poe, the performers will bring you an evening of spine-tingling tales that are sure to put you in the Halloween mood. You can register to receive the Zoom link here, or watch the recording of the performance on our YouTube channel a few days after the program (just in time for Halloween proper!). 

On the very next day, Tuesday, October 26th, the library will be hosting a presentation about the ghost-obsessed period of Missouri history and some of the most interesting and noteworthy figures that followed a belief system focused around mediums, Ouija boards, and making contact with what lies beyond the veil of death: Spiritualism. Presented by the Missouri State museum, this presentation about a uniquely spooky time in American history, and the controversial figures who gained fame and fortune during it, will highlight many of the figures and claims made of reaching into the afterlife and communing with spirits, even of some famous figures of the time. Tune in for a spooky trip into the past and a glimpse into a time when the notion of ghosts and spirits wasn’t always something to laugh about. As always you can register for the Zoom link here, or keep an eye on our YouTube channel for the recording of the program. 

And that’s a roundup of some of the programming fit for this Halloween season being brought to you by DBRL. Hopefully you saw something that piqued your interest, and you join us for one of these supernatural-centric programs. Stay tuned here for more information on all things teen at DBRL, and have a happy, haunted October!

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