Cosplay Contest: Meet the Judges

Our annual cosplay contest is fast approaching!  On Monday, August 14th dress up as your favorite character, be it superhero, anime, sci-fi or your own original persona. We’ll award prizes for the best costumes and characterization in different age categories, so be ready to show off your cosplay game!

The program is for all ages. Photos and registration will begin at 6 p.m., followed at 6:30 p.m. by a runway show.  The winners are determined by our panel of amazing judges who are plenty strong in their own cosplay skills and fandom knowledge.

Meet our Cosplay Contest Judges!


Brandy Cross and Gabe Halicks own local comic book shop, Distant Planet Comics and Collectibles.








Megan Durham as Furiosa

Megan is a Youth Services Librarian. She loves Grogu and garlic bread.











Dana Bocke as Barbie

Dana is a member of the Youth Services Team, an actor, a cosplayer and a huge nerd.

Photocred: Babetown









Sarah Jost as Princess Uranus

Sarah is an actor, cosplayer, and professional part-time princess.

Photocred: Alive Alf Photography







Jolene Metzen as Edna Mode

Jolene is a cosplayer and has a degree in theater costume design and technology.

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