DIY Pride Rainbow Painting 🌈

Crayons melted on canvas with Captain America

Celebrate LGBTQAI+ Pride Month by making your own beautiful melted crayon art painting! Here’s everything you need to make your own queer-colored masterpiece.


  • 10×10 canvas
  • Crayola Crayons (We don’t often recommend name brands, but in this case, we highly recommend using Crayola because they melt the easiest. A friend of the blog said they tried it with another brand and their project was very sad.)
  • Heat gun (Other places online will tell you that you can use a hair dryer, but we have heard that can blow a fuse. Consider yourself warned. Also heat guns get hot, so be safe and do this with an adult.)
  • Glue gun
  • Don’t forget to cover your workspace! Because it can get messy!
Melted crayons
Cover your workspace. This is the aftermath of making 20 paintings in one day!



  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Cutouts (hearts, silhouettes, etc.)
  • Sharpie or black and white paint
Outline of a heart in hot glue on canvas
Unwrapping the crayons is the most time-consuming part, but trust the process.


First, you’ll want to decide on a design. I chose a heart and traced it on my canvas in pencil and then outlined it in several layers of hot glue. Then I unwrapped the crayons and broke them into pieces. You can also leave the wrappers on for a different look. Next, you need to hot glue the bits of crayons to the canvas–don’t skip this step otherwise, your crayons will be blown off the canvas by the heat gun. Now the best part, using the heat gun! I always start on the lowest setting and tilt the painting little by little as I go. You may feel like you are in control, but really fluid dynamics are running the show. Don’t worry it’s all part of the process. Once you are satisfied with your design, set it aside and let it dry. Then you are ready to display your handiwork.

We had a lot of fun making these at the library, but know that melting Crayons can be chaos. Embrace the mess! All of the drips, dribbles and blobs will make your work of art delightfully unique, just like you!


Melted crayons on canvas with a heart.

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