Library Spotlight: Southern Boone County Public Library

We asked our patrons to share what they love about their library! We received some wonderful comments and each month we will feature quotes from our patrons and library staff, highlighting the things that make their buildings so special. This month Eric S. is our guest staff member from the Southern Boone County Public Library in Ashland.

"Our librarians are extremely kind." - Jessica

You are immediately aware of a sense of community when you enter the Southern Boone County Public Library. In fact, it’s all over the walls. Do you want to see an old-timey picture of a southern Boone county baseball team? Check our walls. Basketball team? Same. Looking for an old picture of your grandparents, or great-grandparents? You might find them on the walls of our library.

Photographs of the wallpaper at the Southern Boone County branch. Images include local sports teams, band members, and Bookmobile

When the interior of our building was being planned, DBRL coordinated with the Southern Boone County Historical Society to select pictures that represent the history of Ashland and nearby areas. Those pictures were copied and made into the wallpaper that adorns our cozy, well-lit library branch. This makes a statement about the importance we put in being a part of this community, and it is reflected in the wonderful service you get from our staff. Warm, welcoming, patient, and kind, the staff make it clear that the library belongs to you as a member of the community. They probably know your name, and might even know the names of some of your relatives.

If you haven’t been here before, come and see for yourself. If you’ve been here before, come back! We miss you.

P.S. Be sure to check out the native landscaping in the spring and summer.


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  1. We love our small town library! One of the things that stands out to us about the library is just how friendly the staff is. I was worried about our now 4 year old being too loud, but the staff welcomes us every time we come in. They help find great books for her specific learning needs.
    The best part is that now our daughters class even gets field trips to the library for story time with Mrs Pam! We have many books at home but our daughter prefers the library experience!

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