Beat Cabin Fever!

Photograph of a young boy covering his faceThe holidays are over, and your children are back at school. Everything should be perfect…until a snowstorm hits, and you are blanketed in the fluffy white stuff. Snow days are great (I love making snow men, having snowball fights and drinking hot chocolate!), but after days of being cooped up, the fun can wear off. As the weather outside turns for the worse, so can your moods. Here are some surefire ways for you and your children to beat cabin fever this winter.

Read stories together.
One thing you can do on a cold day is stay in with your children and read stories. The story “38 Ways to Entertain Your Grandparents” is a fun family read and shows many other activities you can do together.

Set up an obstacle course.
Release some pent-up energy with an indoor obstacle course. Half the fun is building it, so have the family build the course together! The adult in charge might want to put safety rules in place before the frenzy begins. It can consist of:

  • A few chairs in a row to wriggle under
  • Plastic cups to run circles around or hop over
  • A squared off area to perform jumping jacks

Turn your family’s life into a guessing game.
Take turns asking questions like:

  • How many shoes are in the house?
  • How many books do we have?
  • How many inches is it from the front door to the TV?
  • How many days or hours has each person has been alive?

Write down everyone’s guesses, then see who has the closest answer.

Make a DIY family board game.
Keep your board game simple for small ones, and add twists and more complex questions for older kids. Together you can incorporate inside jokes, everyone’s names and your favorite places around town.
For these and more activities check out and my list of books to help you beat cabin fever.