Brighter Beginnings: Pregnancy, Birth and Aftercare Needs

Brighter Beginnings

Connecting parents and families to support for healthy pregnancies, healthy births and bright beginnings in life for all Boone County kids.

Today, I’m going to highlight one of our fantastic community resources: Brighter Beginnings. This service is a collaborative of home visiting, social service and healthcare providers that seek to expand and simplify access to support for pregnant families in Boone County. Based on responses to a brief referral questionnaire, you will be connected to a program that you are eligible for, tailored to your needs and goals. This means quicker connections, and no more “shopping around” for help when you need it most.

Home Visit Option:

Home visitors partner with you to achieve your goals. They meet you where you are, connect you with services in the community and provide education related to healthy pregnancy and parenting.


If you are pregnant, a resident of Boone County and feel you could benefit from additional support, you are likely eligible to receive free services through Brighter Beginnings. Complete a referral form or contact Brighter Beginnings.

Brighter Beginnings Coordinator
Elizabeth Prentice

Click the image below to be taken to a great list of books the library offers to support maternal mental health.

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