DIY Winter Village

As I write this blog (on February 8) the weather is bright and sunny. The temperature is currently 67°F which is 32 degrees above average. If this continues by the time you read this, it might feel like summer, and I might feel a little sheepish writing a blog about creating your own winter village. But it is still technically *checks notes* WINTER! I even looked up the daily average for Columbia, MO and we usually see temperatures closer to 45°, and once way back in 1903, it was -6°F. So we’re gonna party like it’s 1903 and make our own indoor winter village!


  • House template
  • Your favorite art supplies (markers, crayons, colored pencils, GLITTER — go wild)
  • A large piece of paper (we used blue paper but you could use anything — even an old brown paper bag)
  • Tape or glue


  • Download and print your house template.
  • Decorate your house and cut it out.
  • Using tape or glue, adhere your house to your large piece of paper.
  • Hang it up and enjoy!

Note: If you come to the Columbia Public Library before the end of February, we’ll have supplies for you to help us make our winter village. Color a house during your visit and leave it with us, and we’ll add it to our community mural. You can visit the mural on the first floor near the Children’s Desk.

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