Teen Photo Contest: 2022 Winners

We are excited to announce that we have the winners of this year’s Teen Photo Contest! We had 33 entries and they were all outstanding! The teens have submitted their photographic interpretations of this year’s Summer Reading theme “Oceans of Possibilities” and after much deliberation, we have selected this year’s winners. Below are the top three winners.

1st Place – Opal Du Ao

Hand holding chopsticks with sushi roll made of plastics and rice.
“Take Over” by Opal Du Ao

Opal attended a library program and learned there are about 50-75 trillion pieces of plastic and microplastics in the ocean. Some plastics will end up eaten by sea animals and microplastics will wind up inside different fishes. Opal also said, “Just like that, microplastic would appear in the sushi that we eat. If humans keep polluting the earth, everything we eat is going to be plastic.”


2nd Place – Jordyn Moore

Eagle standing on rocky beach on Kachemak Bay-Pacific Ocean at twilight.
“Eagle on Kachemak Bay-Pacific Ocean” by Jordyn Moore

3rd Place – Sophia Wang

Close up of a sea turtle underwater.
“A Turtle’s Possible Opinion” by Sophia Wang