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A Gentleman in Moscow: The Kanopy Watch List

Here is a watch list that explores themes from this year’s One Read title, and recommends films from the free streaming service offered by Daniel Boone Regional Library, Kanopy

Tchaikovsky, one of the great Russian contributions to Western culture:

Getting to the Nutcracker: The Making of a Christmas Classic
101 minutes, 2014
Filmmaker: Serene Meshel-Dillman

Getting to the Nutcracker with a Sugarplum Fairy... | PBS SoCal








Caviar, another great Russian contribution to Western culture:

Caviar Dreams: How Caviar Became a Delicacy
15 minutes, 2017
Filmmakers: Brian Gersten, Liv Dubendorf, Wei Ying

Review: Caviar Dreams | FoodAnthropology









Political incarceration and its psychological effects:

Tania Libre: An Intimate Look at the Psyche of a Formerly Incarcerated Artist
70 minutes, 2017
Filmmaker: Lynn Hershman Leeson

Tania Libre (2017) - IMDb

Tales of a great Russian author on film:

Anton Chekhov’s The Duel
95 minutes, 2009
Filmmaker: Dover Koshashvili

The Duel (2010 film) - Wikipedia











Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard
143 minutes, 1999
Filmmaker: Michael Cacoyannis

Screening of « The Cherry Orchard », YARAT Contemporary Art Сentre, Apr 07 at 7 pm - Embassy News








Hotel life:

Always at the Carlyle: New York’s Most Glamorous (and Discreet) Hotel
92 minutes, 2018
Filmmaker: Matthew Miele

Always At The Carlyle | Kanopy







For the gourmand:

Three Days of Glory
73 minutes, 2018
Filmmakers: David Baker, Scott Wright

Three Days of Glory (2018) - IMDb











The Russian Revolution:

Widow of the Revolution: The Story of Anna Larina
57 minutes, 2000
Filmmaker: Rosemarie Reed

Widow of the Revolution: The Story of Anna Larina | Kanopy







American films, as studied in the Yellow Room by Count Rostov and Osip:

They Made Me a Criminal” (film noir)
92 minutes, 1939
Filmmaker: Busby Berkeley

They Made Me a Criminal | Kanopy







The Death Kiss” (horror)
72 minutes, 1933
Filmmaker: Edwin L. Marin

Death Kiss | Kanopy







Modern Times” (silent film)
88 minutes, 1936
Filmmaker: Charlie Chaplin

Modern Times | Kanopy



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